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Facts of Mines of Spain - Useage and Needs


  • Julien Dubuque’s Mines National Historic Landmark
  • Catfish Creek State Preserve 600 acres, north end
  • Watchable Wildlife Area in Iowa
  • National Wildlife Federation Nature Area #1621
  • Mines of Spain Archeological Property Group
  • Important Birding Area (nominated, in designation process)


Programs provided during the period of October 2003 thru September 2004

Month Schools/Scouts/other   Public  
  # Programs # People #Programs #People
September 32 652 -  
August 1 20 6 59
July - - 12 258
June 9 305 11 106
May 1 25 3 93
April 3 124 1 22
March 52 1899 1 1
February 7 253 3 142
January 10 235 2 33
December - - - -
November 16 1127 - -
October 31 1114 1 14
TOTALS 162 5754 40 839

Programs provided include:
School programs on various topics including insects, prairies, forests, Iowa and Dubuque History, ponds, wetlands, Mississippi River, Lead Mining, Native Americans and more

Scouting programs generally include forestry, geology, nature, wildlife and more

Other reserved programs have been for local organizations, civic groups, churches, colleges and universities

Public programs have included topics on Lead Mining, Bird Banding, Local Histories, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Geology, Caves, Snakes, Archeology, Dog Training, Pets, Prairies, Forests, Nature and more.

Programs that could be provided in Auditorium:
Live animals – owls, eagle, snakes, insects, reptiles and amphibians, etc
Native American Demonstrations and displays
Art and museum displays
Mines of Spain Fall Seminar and other events that are similar
Full grad programs for schools
Large meetings

Programs that could be provided in the classroom in lower level:
Lab exercises
Actual school experiments
College, High School, Middle School and Elementary uses
In depth science programs
Doubled as regular meeting room for small groups
Storage of collections
Smaller on class programs

On average +- 30 schools or other groups are turned down for programs due to lack of space.

OTHER FACTS relating to the Mines of Spain:

Roadway 3.5 miles hard surfaced
Mississippi River 4.0 miles of shoreline

Plants species in park +468
Birds species associated park
82 observed
108 common, 60 uncommon, 45 rare
Mammal species associated to park +37
Reptiles and Amphibians associated park +21
Prairie, restored <320 acres
Prairie, native <15 acres
Prairie plant species
Savannas, restored <32 acres
Julien Dubuque Monument
Catfish Trail
Horseshoe Site

Savannas, possible restoration sites 5 sites, +-55 acres
Wetland, reclaimed 18 acres
Cropland (leased) 60 acres
Forested Area +-959 acres

Archeological Sites 252
Encompassed with
Mines of Spain Lead Mining Community Archeological District 92
Exploratory Lead Mine 78
Prehistoric (Archaic) Sites 10
Prehistoric (Woodland) Sites 21
Open Air Sites 16
Intermediate Sites (Archaic-Woodland) 75
Unaffiliated open air sties 32
Unaffiliated rock shelter sites 47
Rural Community Archeological District 12

Farm Sites (Early American) 14
Indian Mounds ( Archaic-Woodland) 38 in 8 groups

Catfish Creek State Preserve 600 acres

Creek Systems
Catfish Creek -1 mile
Granger Creek -.5 mile

Trail System
Number 12
Hiking 14.5 miles
Cross Country Skiing 5 miles
Interpretive 2 1.75 miles

Other facilities
Restrooms 2
Mini Shelters 8
Parking Lots 9
Canoe Launch with dock 1
Scenic Overlooks 8

Friends of The Mines of Spain, Dubuque, IA 52003-9214, 563-556-0620

All information contained within, Copyright MMVIII Friends of the Mines of Spain,
with special permission from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources


























































































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